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Partner Profile: Krisztina Szabo

Krisztina Szabo is a staff attorney with Whitman-Walker Health, an unwavering advocate of the LGBTQ community for nearly 40 years. June is LGBTQ Pride Month, and we would like to recognize Krisztina for her tireless work in providing free legal assistance to DC’s LGBTQ community. (You can also read about her organization, ​Whitman-Walker Health, in this month’s Grantee Spotlight.)

Name Krisztina Szabo

Job/Position Staff Attorney

Organization Whitman-Walker Health Legal Services

Years on the Job Almost 3 years

Little known fact about your organization Many of our Legal Services clients are not Whitman-Walker Health patients

Where did you grow up? Hungary and South Carolina

What brought you to DC? AU WCL’s Law & Government LLM program

What was your first job in DC, and what did you learn? Staff Attorney at Ayuda, which confirmed that I love direct services work.


Daily Habit Cuddling with my cat, Sheldon.

Favorite app Polytopia

Favorite Movie Forrest Gump

Favorite Restaurant Le Diplomate

Favorite Vacation Spot Aruba or Paris

Guilty Pleasure Anything sweet, especially macaroons

One Item from your Bucket List Swimming with manatees

Hobbies Travelling/travel planning and balcony gardening

Hero Mom, clients, mentors, and Justice Sotomayor & RBG

News Source(s) Al Jazeera, MSNBC, WaPo, and NPR

One thing (other than your phone) you never leave the house without is… Coffee and kindness

You get to paint a mural on the side of the White House. What do you paint? The Constitution, in bold print


Biggest failure and what you learned Overplanning can inhibit flexibility & creativity

Most rewarding element of your work Seeing my clients thrive

List three main challenges you faced early on in your career Fear of being wrong, time management, and overplanning

If I hadn’t become a lawyer, I would be a… Teacher or a foreign service officer

If I weren’t working at Whitman-Walker, I would be… Working at another legal services organization


Legal aid is important to me because . . . It is a conduit for equity

Your dream for our legal system is… A more diverse judiciary and law enforcement

The most pressing civil legal aid issue in DC is… Access to public benefits and housing

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