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LRAP Attorneys


As of May 2024, federal student loan servicers are transitioning from dot com to dot gov urls. MOHELA is transferring many borrower accounts. As a result, your loan data may look different on the LRAP portal than it does on your servicer's site. That's OK and won't impact your LRAP distribution.


We're aware that linked loans may be listed under the header Private when the loans are, in fact, Federal. That's OK and won't impact your LRAP distribution. 


It may take some time for loan servicers to finish their transition. We appreciate your patience. Should you have any questions, please email the DC Bar Foundation at

LRAP Info Session

DC Bar Foundation hosted an LRAP Information Session for Attorneys on Friday, March 29. The recording and slides are available under Helpful Links: Individual Attorney Information Session.

The following changes have been made to LRAP:

Awards in the Public LRAP (for DC residents) will increase to $550 for federal or commercial loan monthly payments; no payments will be decreased.  

Awards in the Private LRAP (for non-DC residents) will remain a flat $408 for federal and $592 for commercial.

LRAP participants with both commercial and federal loans will receive a maximum award of $1,000. 


DCBF will continue to payout a flat amount until such time loan servicers can reliably report payment amounts.

Helpful Links


Here attorneys will find information regarding both Public and Private LRAP. The recording of the information session can also be viewed here. The PDF is also available by clicking the title above. 


This document provides answers to frequently asked questions regarding DCBF loan repayment assistance programs. 


Here is information about how LRAP is administered by DCBF. 

If you have questions about the DCBF LRAP, please contact us at

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