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The bedrock principle of our founding fathers — justice for all, not just those who can afford it — is especially critical for the District’s most vulnerable residents. For children, the elderly, immigrants facing life-changing situations, navigating the justice system alone can be an insurmountable challenge.

Civil legal aid serves as a true lifeline for those who cannot afford legal help, but often need it the most.

Ensuring fairness, safety, and security for the youngest, oldest, and those new to or rejoining our community is fundamental to being American. From assisting women and children trapped in abusive homes to protecting older residents facing foreclosure, eviction or consumer scams, the work we support has impacted hundreds of families in communities across the city.

The DC Bar Foundation’s focus on Amplifying Voices for Those in Need includes:

  • Children. Placing children in safe homes, keeping them in school, and providing appropriate education.

  • Elderly. Increasing services to our elderly neighbors by safeguarding their access to housing and other critical consumer protections.

  • Prisoners & Returning Citizens. Assisting DC prisoners scattered throughout the country with accessing services and their return to the District.

  • Immigrants. Supporting the District’s immigrant community with seeking asylum, avoiding deportation, and keeping families intact.

  • LGBTQ. Providing resources to gain access to healthcare and other essential needs.

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