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The DC Bar Foundation envisions a future where access to civil legal aid does not depend on prior knowledge of the civil legal system, political power, or financial and other resources. We understand that to streamline legal services access for DC residents; we will have to increase coordination among civil legal aid providers. We had approached earlier efforts to create a better, more coordinated civil legal aid system through our long-standing grants program. In 2020, we tried a different approach. We identified a consultant with expertise in the development of coordinated legal aid systems in other parts of the country to research our community and past efforts and then recommend a strategy. This consultant's work resulted in a December 2020 concept paper that became the foundation for this current effort. 


Following the release of the concept paper, the DC Bar Foundation has continued to seek feedback from various stakeholders throughout the civil legal aid system and refine the concept as we learn more. Recognizing the impossibility of relying solely on individual and small group conversations, we are now seeking input in a way that will allow us to reach many more stakeholders and receive even more specific feedback about the system design.

Request for Design Feedback and Input

Thanks to the more than twenty diverse organizations who provided feedback and input on our anticipated Coordinated Intake and Referral System structure and design. The period for feedback and input closed on November 5, 2021.