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Your Support in Action: Housing Justice

A Northeast DC homeowner recently fell behind on his mortgage, after being forced to resign from his job of more than 20 years to take care of his ill father.

When the homeowner’s mortgage lender sued him for foreclosure, he initially struggled to navigate the court process on his own. But with the assistance of an attorney funded through our grant program, he was able to get approved for a loan modification that not only saved his home from foreclosure, but also allowed him to make substantially more affordable monthly mortgage payments.

This is the kind of outcome our Access to Justice grants program makes possible, through funding to the Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia for their Foreclosure Prevention Project. This initiative directly benefits low-income homeowners facing foreclosure at DC Superior Court. Without Legal Aid Society’s support, these individuals would not otherwise be able to afford legal assistance and representation.

Cases like these have a direct benefit on the individual, the community, and the District’s emergency housing resources. To learn more about how your support of the Foundation lifts up the DC community, please visit our website.


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