Will you answer our Call to Action?

Each year through our Call to Action initiative, local law firms and businesses generously fund legal aid for District residents in need. This year, to help build strong legal aid networks that meet the needs of our community’s residents living with low incomes, we are asking 125 firms, corporations, and faith communities to step forward in raising $532,000. These funds support the Foundation’s unrestricted grants, which are critical because they help cover overhead costs, such as rent and client record databases, which are not always covered by other grants these organizations receive.

So far, we have raised over $185,000 from 35 DC-area law firms and businesses. Will you join with them and be one of these supporters for DC neighbors in need? Answer the Call to Action by donating on our website or filling out our printable donation form.

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The American Bar Association Resource Center for Access To Justice Initiatives has collected legal aid funding data from all 50 states since 2003. Washington, DC has historically not been included in