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Thank You for Your Support: Daniel Rezneck

We are fortunate at the DC Bar Foundation to have loyal donors and volunteers who make our mission possible through their generosity. This month we spoke with Daniel Rezneck, long-time Foundation volunteer, leadership member, and original member of the 77 Society. Mr. Rezneck has been actively involved with the Foundation for more than 40 years. In addition to being one of the original members of the Foundation’s Board of Directors, Mr. Rezneck served as president of the Board from 1994-1996 and is now a member of our Past Presidents’ Council. In addition, Mr. Rezneck is the current chair of our 77 Society and volunteers his time to support several of our campaigns. Mr. Rezneck shares what supporting the Foundation means to him: Why do you give to the DC Bar Foundation? The Foundation has the most comprehensive knowledge and information of any organization on civil legal aid in the District of Columbia, so I feel it is a good use of my contribution. How has being involved with the Foundation impacted you?  I welcome the opportunity to work with very able and civil-minded lawyers. I know of no other organization which is as effective at creating these connections as the DC Bar Foundation. What makes the Foundation different from other legal aid organizations that you may give to? The Foundation stands out because of its ability to evaluate the many Washington, DC civil legal aid organizations on a comparative and community-wide basis. What about the Foundation do you appreciate or support the most? I try to make a substantial personal contribution at the beginning of each year to help get the fundraising drive off to a good start. When I consider my charitable giving, I want to make a personal contribution where it is most needed and where it can make the greatest impact. Thank you, Mr. Rezneck, for your active service to the Foundation over the years as a leader, volunteer, and loyal supporter. To learn about how you can increase access to justice in the District, visit our website.

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