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DEADLINE EXTENSION: Your ABArray Study Response is Necessary

Thank you to the legal services organizations that submitted responses to the ABArrayStudy. Your response will help estimate available civil legal aid resources to guide and enhance resource development by legal aid funding advocates. Unfortunately, we have not received the response rate expected for this impactful survey and have once again extended the deadline to December 31, 2022. You should have received an email from DCBF with information on how to complete the survey, which was sent on November 15 and December 6.

The American Bar Association Resource Center for Access to Justice Initiatives has collected legal aid funding data from all 50 states since 2003. Washington, DC, has historically not been included in this data collection. In 2021, the DC Bar Foundation agreed to serve as the “state reporter” for the collection and remittance of legal aid funding data to the ABA. We appreciate the time you took to compile your responses, and we look forward to continuing this data-collection process in the future.


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