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Stories from our Grantees

Read about the work of our grantees and the clients they have helped, this month, from DC Volunteer Lawyers Project.

A young woman had her first child when she was 15, and her abusive, on and off relationship continued with the father of her child for another 8 years, eventually resulting in a second child.  Throughout the eight years, their relationship had been marked by serious violence; the young woman had been punched, choked, threatened, and pushed down the stairs while pregnant with their second child. Her partner had also destroyed property during his outbursts, punching holes in the walls, breaking windows and doors. The young woman had obtained 5 protection orders during this time, some of which she had been persuaded to vacate. Finally, when her pre-teen daughter no longer wanted to live at home, she came to DCVLP looking for help to get out of this relationship. With the help of DCVLP, she was able to obtain a divorce, sole custody of their children, and the extension of a civil protection order that had previously been violated. She has now started to move on with her life.

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