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Partner Profile: YLN LC Co-Chair Courtney Weiner

We regularly highlight interesting facts and insights from those who work each day to make our justice system more accessible and equitable for all. This Partner Profile features YLN LC Co-Chair Courtney Weiner, Attorney and Owner of the Law Office of Courtney Weiner PLLC.

Name: Courtney Weiner

Job/Position: Attorney/Owner

Organization: Law Office of Courtney Weiner PLLC

Years on the job: 9.5 years as an attorney, 4 months so far with my own firm

Where did you grow up? Washington, DC

What brought you to DC? It’s home!

What was your first job in DC and what did you learn? I was an intern on Capitol Hill. I learned the fastest method for stuffing lots and lots of envelopes.

Fun Facts

Favorite movie: The Princess Bride

Favorite Restaurant: Rasika. It’s hard to compete with that spinach.

What is one item on your bucket list? I want to visit every continent.

Hobbies: I have a lot, but the one I’m most passionate about, far and away, is cooking.

What is your news source? The Washington Post is the primary one.


Most rewarding element of your work: I went to law school to help people. I’ve done that, in some way or another throughout my career, but I’ve shifted my focus so that’s the main undercurrent of my work.

If I hadn’t become a lawyer, I would be a… I think I’d be really good as an event planner. Or a chef.

Legal Aid and DCBF Leadership

Your dream for our legal system is… Civil Gideon.

Legal aid is important to me because… It provides representation to people who would otherwise have to navigate the legal system on their own, with really life-altering implications.

How long have you served on the Young Lawyers Network Leadership Council? I have served on the YLN Leadership Council since 2012. I created and chaired, then co-chaired, the Go Formal for Justice gala in 2013 and 2014 and became co-chair of the LC in 2014.

What is the greatest benefit to you in serving on the YLN LC? Meeting others in the legal community and the opportunity to give back.

I give to DCBF because… My time helps people who need representation in a small way, but my donations help address the need on a larger scale.

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