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Each month, we highlight an individual working to make the justice system more accessible to DC residents. This month features Wayne Gibson, Senior Managing Director at FTI Consulting and member of the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Years on the Job 13 years at FTI and over 20 overall in the industry.

Where did you grow up? Wilmington, Delaware

What brought you to DC? I came to DC after graduate school, but had always had an affinity for the area because I had family here and visited often as I was growing up.

What was your first job in DC and what did you learn? I came to DC after graduate school and worked for Arthur Andersen in one their consulting divisions, where I learned about organizing and motivating teams to problem solve large issues & challenges faced by our clients. However, prior to that I interned for a summer for the EPA in their econometrics and analytics division, called the Office of Policy Planning and Evaluation. That was the first time I really began to get to know DC as an adult and spend time in each quadrant (i.e. SW, NW, NE, SE). At the EPA, I learned a bit about the functioning of a Federal agency and how policies were economically evaluated for some programs.

Daily Habit Reading (news and fiction), exercise (cycling and boxing)

If you could have dinner with one person, dead or alive, who would it be? I’m finishing a biography on Da Vinci – an amazing polymath. It would be an interesting conversation.

You get one extra hour of free time per day. How do you use it? Currently I would alternate between spending time with my kids, reading, and practicing guitar.

One item from your Bucket List Watch a soccer match in Barcelona

Most rewarding element of your work The impact I get to have on organizations

Legal aid is important to me because… It combats the continued disenfranchisement of people of color

Your dream for our legal system is… Fairness

Little known fact about your organization Our scope and origin – we have over 4,500 people worldwide, and were founded to present technical issues during trials.


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