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Partner Profile: Mikayla Sweet

Each month we highlight an individual working to make the justice system more accessible to DC residents. This month features Mikayla Sweet, Grants Manager at the DC Bar Foundation.

Years on the Job

5 months

Where did you grow up?

Lake Wylie, SC

What brought you to DC?

I knew I wanted to work in the nonprofit sector, and DC is the best location for that. I moved right after I finished my undergraduate degree.

What was your first job in DC and what did you learn?

I was a fundraiser for an international child sponsorship organization. I learned a lot more about developing nations and how the work of a few can positively impact the lives of many.

Daily habit

Not wearing the outfit I laid out the night before.

Favorite app


Favorite movie

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Favorite restaurant

Mi Cuba Café

Favorite vacation spot

A cabin in some secluded mountains

Guilty pleasure

Shake Shack

One item from your bucket list

Open a Cookout franchise in Adams Morgan, DC


Cooking, reading, gardening


My dad

Your news source(s)

One thing (other than your phone) you never leave your house without is…


If I weren’t working the DC Bar Foundation, I would be…

Hopefully rich and traveling the world.


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