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Each month we highlight an individual working to make the justice system more accessible to DC residents. This month features Lauren Porter, a junior at Hendrix College and fall semester intern at the DC Bar Foundation.

Where did you grow up? Little Rock, Arkansas

What brought you to DC? I’m interning with the DC Bar Foundation in a semester-long academic internship program through my school. The program allows me to work full-time and take academic courses in the evenings.

Daily Habit Every morning, I listen to a short news podcast while I get ready.

Favorite Movie O Brother, Where Art Thou?

What is your favorite part of your school? I love how close-knit the community is, and that the professors invest so much into their students.

Who is your favorite artist (visual/musical/literary/etc.)? Ava DuVernay

Who is your role model and why? I really look up to my state senator, Joyce Elliott. She is incredibly kind, she advocates fiercely for those in need, and she is never afraid to stand up for justice. The world would be a better place if there were more people like her.

Favorite Vacation Spot Germany! It is full of history, and there are so many hidden gems in the tiny, old towns throughout the country.

One Item from your Bucket List I would love to visit every state in the US.

Hobbies I love dancing. I did it competitively for 12 years, and I choreograph for my school’s student dance ensemble.

One thing (other than your phone) you never leave your house without is… My reusable water bottle.

Your dream for our legal system is… Robust, accessible legal services for everyone who needs them. Fewer people needing legal services in the first place.

Legal aid is important to me because… It has the power to help individuals achieve justice and realize the power they have to advocate for themselves.

You get to paint a mural on the side of the White House. What do you paint? A mural of the Buffalo National River. It’s one of my favorite places in Arkansas, and it’s a beautiful reminder that nature is important and should be protected!


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