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Partner Profile: J. Daryl Byler

Each month we highlight an individual working to make the justice system more accessible to DC residents. This month features J. Daryl Byler, Director of Development at the DC Bar Foundation.

Years on the Job

Began May 8, 2019

Where did you grow up?

Harrisonburg, Virginia

What brought you to DC?

Working at the DC Bar Foundation and returning to a city I love

What was your first job in DC and what did you learn?

I directed a public policy office on Capitol Hill. Policy and system changes require many partners and much patience. But the long-term impact is major!

Daily habit

Walking to work

Favorite Restaurant

Kenny’s Smokehouse on Capitol Hill

One item from your bucket list

Run the Boston Marathon


Running, reading, and gardening

Most rewarding element of your work

Learning what motivates donors to give

Legal aid is important to me because…

Equal access to justice is the key to healthy nations.

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