Partner Profile: Bibek Basnet

Each month, we highlight individuals working to make the justice system more accessible to DC residents. Meet Bibek, who has joined the DC Bar Foundation as a Communications Temp.

Name Bibek Basnet


Communications Temp


The DC Bar Foundation

Where did you grow up?

Kathmandu, Nepal

What brought you to DC?

Nonprofits, friends, and city life (I went to school in rural Vermont) 

What was your first job in DC, and what did you learn?

Canvass Directing for a grassroots advocacy group. I learned how to talk with strangers and accept rejections. 


Daily Habit


Favorite App


Favorite Vacation Spot

Lumbini- the birthplace of Buddha

One item from your bucket list

Being the lead singer for a band


Most rewarding element of your work

When I can enjoy my work while also being able to help someone

List three main challenges you faced early on in your career

Physical illness, ego, lack of mental stamina


Your dream for our legal system is…

Simpler and more accessible


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