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Letter from the Executive Director

In 1938, Langston Terrace in Northeast DC opened its doors as the first public housing in the District, and only the second in the country. Its 274 units cost $6 a month, or about $100 today. At a time of drastic housing shortages, Langston Terrace was a highly-prized opportunity.​

Nearly 80 years since, DC is faced with a rapidly worsening housing crisis. Rent for residents with an income of about $22,000 has increased by $250 a month over the last decade (adjusting for inflation) while incomes have remained flat. Meanwhile, DC has half as many low-cost homes (with rents less than $800 a month) as it did in 2002. Affordable housing is moving further and further out of reach.

​This April, DC celebrates Fair Housing Month, honoring the anniversary of the 1968 passing of the Fair Housing Act and recommitting to the elimination of housing discrimination and the creation of equal opportunity across our community.

Funded by the DC Bar Foundation, many of DC’s legal aid lawyers work to prevent the elimination of remaining low-cost homes, stop wrongful evictions, keep families in their homes, and uphold the Fair Housing Act. With your help, we continue to ensure this vital work, keeping DC residents in safe, reliable housing.

​Sincerely, ​Kirra L. Jarratt, Executive Director

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