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Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Friends:

At the DC Bar Foundation, we consider ourselves lucky to have strong partners in our mission to support civil legal aid in the District. One of those partners is Courtney Lindsay. Courtney is a member of our Young Lawyers Network Leadership Council (YLN LC), and a two-time Co-Chair of our upcoming Lip Sync for Justice event. Through his leadership in the YLN LC and dedication to Lip Sync, he consistently displays a commitment to our neighbors in need.

As Courtney knows, Lip Sync is a FUN NIGHT (and we want to see you there on June 6!). But its impact is so much bigger. We recently asked him why this event and service to the Foundation mean so much. Here’s what Courtney told us:

“I, like many attorneys, entered law school with a goal of contributing something positive to society. We have a great legal system in this country. But it can only function properly when all have adequate resources in the form of knowledge and representation… Unfortunately, we often fall short on those fronts.

I am a first-generation college graduate. I’ve seen first-hand how important it is not just to work hard, but to also have supporters and advocates who encourage you along the way and provide you with a break at times.

There are many in the DC community who are full of potential but fall on hard times. I believe legal professionals should do what we can to limit the extent to which these hard times are exacerbated by the intricacies of our legal system and costs of navigating it.

We can BE the break someone needs to fulfill their true potential. Through grants made possible by fundraising efforts like Lip Sync for Justice, the Foundation helps bridge some of the gap between our principles and ideals of justice and the way our system sometimes operates in practice.”

Where else can you enjoy an exciting evening of lip sync and karaoke with colleagues and friends for such a good cause?

Courtney – who first learned about and got involved with our Young Lawyers Network through a law school friend – says he’s honored to help lead the YLN LC and Lip Sync for Justice. Together, Courtney and I invite you to be part of it!

Thanks for lip sync-ing and karaokeing with us on June 6, and for all you do to provide equal justice for District residents in need.


Kirra L. Jarratt Executive Director


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