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Leave a legacy, invest in justice.

DC Bar Foundation Board President, John Relman, will host our annual President's Reception on June 6 to honor our 77 Society members.

Named to commemorate the year DCBF was founded (1977), the Society recognizes the generosity of our donors and the impact their support has on District residents with low incomes in need of civil legal aid.

Members of the 77 Society account for 90 percent of DCBF's contributions from individuals each year. I am thrilled that all eleven of our current Board members are also members of the 77 Society. There are currently 78 members of the 77 Society, grouped by the year they joined.

Giving Tiers. 77 Society members commit to giving at least $1,000 yearly to support the Foundation's work. Many donate at the $2,500, $5,000, or $10,000 levels.

In 2022, we added Legacy Tiers within the 77 Society to recognize lifetime giving levels of $25,000, $50,000, and $100,000. We named these Tiers after Black civil rights leaders and pioneers in the District and nationwide whose work may not be well known – Charles T. Duncan, Charlotte E. Ray, and Charles Hamilton Houston.

Honoring 77 Society members. The Foundation honors the investment of 77 Society members by:

  • Inviting them to our annual President's Reception, an event exclusively for 77 Society members.

  • Recognizing them by class (the year they joined the 77 Society) and Tier ($1,000, $2,500, $5,000, and $10,000) on the Foundation's website and in our Annual Report and a Washington Lawyer ad.

  • Inviting them to special program updates like the upcoming 77 Society breakfast at Eversheds LLP on June 13, where they will have a chance to hear from and interact with Dr. Kelly Jarvis, lead evaluator for Foundation-funded eviction defense and diversion work.

  • Providing advance notice of major DCBF news.

  • Profiling them in our monthly newsletter.

Why our donors give. I asked some of our 77 Society members why they support the Foundation's work. Here's a sample of their inspiring responses:

  • “I give generously to the DC Bar Foundation because it ensures that funding is directed to legal services organizations that are getting the job done in ways that benefit underserved communities in the District that need it the most.” - John Relman, DCBF Board President, Class of 2019

  • "Knowing that access to legal services can mean the difference between crisis and stability for families throughout our city is why I give to the DC Bar Foundation." – Danielle Reyes, DCBF Board Member, Class of 2020

  • "I cannot imagine what life would be in the District of Columbia without the DC Bar Foundation—I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute to this effort." – Ben Wilson, DCBF Board Member, Class of 2021

  • "I support the DC Bar Foundation because it is the most effective way I can help ensure everyone in DC – a community I am part of – has access to legal representation, regardless of their income level." – Meredith Fuchs, DCBF Board Member, Class of 2021

  • "The work of the DCBF is making meaningful and impactful differences in the lives of the District's residents. The community-centric focus of DCBF's efforts ensures that its programs are responsive to the needs of a diverse constituency." – Tab Stewart, DCBF Board Member, Class of 2022

  • "I give to DCBF because every District resident deserves equal access to justice, and DCBF strives to make this a reality." – Angela Montez, DCBF Board member, Class of 2023

  • "I support the DC Bar Foundation because I believe that access to justice is a civil right." – Anne Wallestad, DCBF Board member, Class of 2023

  • "As a former Board Chair for the DCBF, I have seen firsthand the expertise, compassion, and fairness that the DCBF brings to funding and addressing the legal needs of our community, and am confident that my donation will be applied to the most pressing of these unmet legal needs." – Susan Hoffman, Past Presidents' Council, Class of 2017

  • "As a lawyer in the District and a member of the community, I feel a special obligation to do something to help make legal assistance available to the many people and families who need it for housing, healthcare, education, and a host of other human needs. DCBF plays a critical part in meeting those needs – by providing funds, it expands the available services; and by providing expertise and coordination, it makes the services more effective, more accessible, and more client-focused." – David Ogden, Past Presidents' Council, Class of 2017

  • "It's a great way to support legal services for the disadvantaged in DC with every dollar going to the providers." – Steve Pollak, Past Presidents' Council, Class of 2017

  • "I support DCBF because it is the single best way to address the problem of unequal access to justice for persons of limited means in the District of Columbia." – Paul Smith, Past Presidents' Council, Class of 2017

Thanks to each of our 77 Society members whose investments make a tangible difference for District residents at risk of losing their homes, livelihood, access to healthcare, and sense of wellbeing.

You, too, can leave a life-changing legacy by joining the 77 Society. Will you consider partnering with the DC Bar Foundation as we transform the District’s civil legal justice system so all residents have a fair and equal legal experience?


Kirra L. Jarratt, CEO


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