Membership in the 77 Society is extended to individuals whose gifts to the DC Bar Foundation total $1,000 or more each fiscal year (October 1 - September 30). Named in honor of the year DCBF was founded, the Society recognizes the generosity of our donors as well as the impact their support has on low-income District residents in need of civil legal aid.



Individual donors play a critical role in the Foundation’s ability to provide access to justice for thousands of DC residents each year. To show our gratitude, we proudly offer the following benefits to all current 77 Society members:  

  • Recognition by class and tier on the DC Bar Foundation’s website, in the Annual Report, and in a Washington Lawyer ad

  • Invitation to our annual President's Reception, an event exclusively for 77 Society members

  • Monthly DCBF newsletter – special welcome feature, as well as an invitation to be profiled in the newsletter

  • Invited to participate in DCBF events, special program updates, and site visits

  • Advance notice of major DCBF news



Membership is renewable on an annual basis. Thank you to our current 77 Society members for their loyal support and investment in DC’s legal aid network:

Class of 2017

Murray J. Belman
Maureen F. Del Duca
Marc L. Fleischaker **
Nathalie F.P. Gilfoyle ***
Susan F. Hoffman
Philip W. Horton
Ellen M. Jakovic *
Kirra L. Jarratt
Stuart J. Land
Andrew Marks
Mary E. McClymont
Patrick McGlone
John M. Nannes *
David W. Ogden ***
Carter G. Phillips
Stephen J. Pollak *
Stanley O. Sher
Paul M. Smith **
Bruce V. Spiva *
Janet R. Studley

Class of 2018

Kelly Veney Darnell *

Ronald S. Flagg
Jamie Gorelick **
Hartmut Schneider
Marsha E. Swiss
Michael Ward *

Class of 2019

J. Daryl Byler **
John C. Cruden *
Adam C. Pollet
John P. Relman 
Michael Rogan **
James J. Sandman *
Matthew S. Watson
Melissa Weberman


Class of 2020

Connie N. Bertram
Emilio W. Cividanes
Charles D. Curran
Geoffrey Fehling *
Wayne T. Gibson *

Meryl D. Grenadier
Stephanie D. Hui

Ashley G. James
Rachael D. Kent
Perry A. Lange

Karen A. Lash

Deborah P. Lindenberg
William R. McLucas
Benjamin A. Powell
Danielle M. Reyes

Allison M. Rochford
Kenneth L. Salazar
Howard M. Shapiro **

Jean Simons
Danielle Spinelli
Daniel Volchok
Seth P. Waxman *

Class of 2021

Richard M. Alexander

Claire N. Blumenson

Cynthia A. Byler

Catherine M.A. Carroll

Steven F. Cherry

Mark D. Colley

Peter B. Edelman 

Michael H. Herman

Maria Kirby

Rachel Kronowitz

Courtney Lindsay

Vonya B. McCann

Lindsey M. Nelson

Anjali Wagle Phillips

Lauren A. Rico

Amy R. Rigdon

S. Fahad Saghir

Tom L. Strickland

Theresa Titolo

Evan White

Benjamin F. Wilson *

Jonathan Yarowsky

Class of 2022

Blake A. Biles

Jon S. Bouker

Anthony C. Epstein

Meredith Fuchs

Indira Henard

Nancy A. Noonan

Jerry L. Schulman

Rumu Sarkar

Mayra C. Suárez

Tab Stewart

Kevin Taylor

Vernetta L. Walker

Roger E. Zuckerman

*Advocates of Justice ($2,500 – $4,999)
**Champions of Justice ($5,000 -$9,999)
***Pillars of Justice ($10,000 and above)