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Introducing the 77 Society

We invite you to join our newly established 77 Society, a mid-level donor society created to recognize the generosity of individuals donating toward our cause of providing civil legal aid to all residents in need of it. The 77 Society is named for the year in which DCBF was founded, in recognition of how far we have all come in working to provide for District residents in need of legal services. This month’s newsletter also features the Chair of our 77 Society, and a founding member of the DC Bar Foundation, Daniel Rezneck.

Membership in the Society is extended to individuals who cumulatively give $1,000 or more to the DC Bar Foundation within each fiscal year. Fiscal years are marked from October 1 through September 30 of the following year, and membership is renewable annually. As a member of the 77 Society, you will receive certain membership benefits, including special recognition on the DCBF website and in our Annual Report, the opportunity to attend grantee site visits, and an invitation to our annual President’s Reception, an event exclusively for 77 Society members. Learn more about the 77 Society here.


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