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Grantee Highlight: Break the Cycle

The DC Bar Foundation (DCBF) envisions a city where everyone has access to legal aid, regardless of income. Other than physical and financial accessibility, one of the biggest hurdles to accessing legal assistance is recognizing that you have a legal issue in the first place. For example, no law forbids your landlord from being rude. However, if your landlord constantly ignores requests to fix your heating unit, a law protects you from potential landlord abuse by requiring your home to be safe and habitable.

This past January, DCBF awarded a grant to Break the Cycle (BTC).  BTC serves marginalized youth ages 12 to 24 from all DC wards who have experienced dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, or stalking. BTC attorneys know that their clients have unique barriers to accessing services due to many factors, including lack of knowledge. For example, DC minors age 12 and older can obtain a Civil Protective Order without parental consent, but most are unaware of these legal rights. Our grant helps BTC increase its community outreach so that DC youth facing intimate partner violence know their rights.​BTC serves an important and often underserved segment of our community. A startling 10.3% of DC youth experience physical and/or sexual dating violence each year. DCBF is proud to stand with BTC as they increase their training in DC public schools, expand their reach in the community, and tirelessly work to break the cycle of youth dating violence.

You can learn more about DCBF’s Grantees using the button below.


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