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A Path Toward Justice: Expungement Means a Positive Future

GJ had more than a dozen arrests spanning two decades, each directly related to his lifelong battle with alcohol and drug abuse. Many years ago, with a deep desire to change his life for the better, GJ underwent intensive substance abuse rehabilitation to combat his addition. Once sober, GJ began to seek a better life for himself. However, for years his criminal record blocked him from building that better life. GJ worked with one of our grantee’s attorneys over the course of two years to have his criminal history successfully cleared from his record.

Since having his record expunged, GJ has received multiple job offers; offers that he may not have had otherwise. GJ no longer has to bear the burden of his criminal record and can move forward.

When an individual’s criminal record gets expunged, it provides a chance to re-enter society without the stigma of past convictions. It increases their opportunities to meet essential needs like public assistance, housing, and employment, which their previous criminal record may prevent. The expungement process gives hope and has a direct, concrete impact on a positive future.

To learn more about how our grantees change lives for our District neighbors, please visit our website.


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