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Team Leader Toolkit​

Download our Team Leader Toolkit for all of the information you'll need to bring Champions for Justice to your workplace. Inside the Toolkit, you will find:

  1. An introduction to Champions for Justice

  2. A step-by-step guide on how to host your Champions for Justice campaign

  3. Frequently Asked Questions

Click the image to the left to access the Toolkit. 




















Tips for a Successful Champions for Justice Campaign

1. Put one person or a small team in charge – It helps to have champions within your workplaces – individuals who agree to send emails, encourage others to donate, and talk about the work that the DC Bar Foundation does to support DC's civil legal aid network. 

2. Set a goal – Whether it’s a participation or dollar goal, having something to work towards helps build momentum. For example, our Loan Repayment Assistance Program (LRAP) awards typically range from $6,000 to $8,000 per public interest lawyer. This is a good goal for medium to large offices. Individuals who give $1,000 or more through Champions for Justice are automatically qualified for DCBF's 77 Society

3. Make a timeline – We have found that the most effective campaigns span one week, culminating on a Friday. It helps to send one email out every day to generate excitement for the campaign. If you're using our themed emails this year, your colleagues will look forward to seeing what character comes next! 

4. Offer a challenge – In some cases, a partner has agreed to match individual gifts over a certain amount. Don't forget to participate in DCBF's monthly challenges, too! And remember, donations, in addition to challenge participation, is highly encouraged. 

5. Make it visible – There are lots of ways to spread the word about your workplace campaign! Be sure to send your campaign emails to as many of your colleagues as possible. Consider adding a link to donate to your workplace's giving page in your email signature. Add a Champions for Justice announcement to your weekly staff meeting or internal team calls. 

Additional questions about Champions for Justice can be directed to Greer Richey, Development and Communications Specialist, at

Campaign Email Templates and Client Story Library​

Download our campaign email templates to make outreach to your colleagues quick and easy.

Use our library of client stories to fill out your emails. 


Monthly Challenges

Follow these links to access our monthly challenges. Don't forget to include these links in your campaign outreach emails.

  1. October Challenge: Send us a picture of your best Halloween costume or outfit. Donations to DCBF are also highly encouraged. Click here to access the challenge. 

  2. November Challenge: Respond to our "I'm thankful for..." prompt. Donations to DCBF are also highly encouraged. Click here to access the challenge.

  3. December Challenge: Respond to our "In 2020, I hope..." prompt. Donations to DCBF are also highly encouraged. Click here to access the challenge.

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Personalized Workplace Giving Pages

Once your workplace registers for Champions for Justice, DCBF will send you a link to your workplace's personalized campaign fundraising page. Include this link in your emails to your colleagues. Let DCBF know your goal, and we will customize your page so you can track your success using our real-time "progress to goal" bar!​

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