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Ms. Taylor* and her husband are participants in a program that caps their rent at 30% of their income.

Unfortunately, last year, Ms. Taylor’s husband became severely ill and was admitted into a long-term health care facility. During this already difficult time, Ms. Taylor received a notice that her participation in the program was being terminated, leaving her facing eviction and homelessness.   

Ms. Taylor’s mother-in-law, for reasons unknown, had filed a notice that Ms. Taylor’s husband had vacated their home and that Ms. Taylor would not require further support.

Fortunately, Ms. Taylor got connected with a DC Bar Foundation grantee, where an attorney worked with her to resolve her case. The final outcome was positive: she was able to remain in the program and get the past rent, which had gone unpaid, up to date.

But that wasn’t all. Our grantee’s work provided more than one critically-needed outcome for Ms. Taylor. During her housing case, Ms. Taylor was approached to take over as caregiver for her teenage granddaughter. Ms. Taylor’s newly stabilized housing situation was essential for the court in her family matter to allow her to take in her granddaughter, giving her the stable family environment she needed.  

In time for the harsh winter months, Ms. Taylor and her granddaughter can now focus on being a family. The threat of losing their home no longer hangs over their heads. Ms. Taylor is hopeful that her husband’s health will soon improve, so he too can join their family in their home.

Your support makes outcomes like Ms. Taylor’s possible for more District residents. THANK YOU!

*Name changed to protect identity.

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