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Your Generosity in Action: Building Positive Outcomes

Daniel, a long-time DC resident and small business employee, recently found himself unable to work and support his family due to a worsening medical condition. He had been in and out of hospitals undergoing treatments without any income to support his expenses.

Things turned for the worst when a debt-buying company sued Daniel, seeking collection on his overdue credit card balance. Unable to pay and unsure what to do, Daniel contacted a DC Bar Foundation grantee and was able to gain representation in small claims court that same day. Our grantee continued contact with Daniel for months after the representation, advocating for him and communicating with his lawyer, until the debt buyer eventually relented and dismissed the case.

Without our grantee’s attorney on the day of his hearing, Daniel may not have had access to much-needed legal assistance and may not have achieved such a positive outcome. Daniel is now able to live his life debt-free and focus on improving his health and supporting his family.

To learn more about how your support changes the lives of our neighbors in need, visit our website.


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