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Thank You for Your Support: Ben Wilson

We are fortunate at the DC Bar Foundation to have loyal donors and volunteers who make our mission possible through their generosity. This month we spoke with Benjamin Wilson, Foundation leader, and generous donor.

Mr. Wilson sits on the Foundation's Board of Directors and joined our 77 Society in December of 2020. Mr. Wilson shares what supporting the Foundation means to him, below:

Why do you give to the DC Bar Foundation?

My wife and I choose to give to the DC Bar Foundation because its purpose is to help ensure that legal services organizations that serve the needs of the poor and those with low incomes are able to do this most important work. There can be no justice until and unless every person who needs legal services has access.

You serve on the Foundation’s Board of Directors. How has being involved with the Foundation in this way impacted you?

The Foundation made me aware of the great work of so many different legal providers. When one thinks of the most vulnerable people – children – legal assistance to ensure they receive housing, education and other essential resources is critical. There is a widening gap between those who have adequate resources and those without resources whatsoever. The Foundation and its donors fill that gap.

How does the Foundation’s work align with your own beliefs and values?

The Foundation helps ensure that our contributions have the maximum positive impact. The Foundation facilitates change, innovation, and responsiveness critical to the provision of legal services. The Foundation team goes above and beyond to ensure our Board has the best information possible in making its decisions to fund a legal services organization. Our staff is dedicated to making certain we are investing in the families and children who live in our poorest communities.

You recently joined the Foundation’s 77 Society. Why do you feel giving to the Foundation is important, especially in light of the COVID-19 pandemic?

The ongoing pandemic and the repercussions following the deaths of George Floyd and others make clear the necessity of protecting the rights of those who are most vulnerable. Ultimately, we will all be judged on how we have addressed the needs of the “least of these” – the underserved and all too often forgotten.

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