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Partner Profile: Alison Lima Andersen, YLN LC Co-Chair

We regularly highlight interesting facts and insights from you and others whose work each day make our justice system more accessible and equitable for all. This  partner profile features Alison Lima Andersen, Associate at Arent Fox LLP and Co-Chair of DCBF’s Young Lawyers Network Leadership Council.

Name Alison Lima Andersen

Job/Position Associate

Organization Arent Fox LLP

Years on the job Six Where did you grow up? Canaan, Vermont

What brought you to DC? I wanted to try a new place and attend law school.

What was your first job in DC and what did you learn? I was a paralegal for a few years. The experience confirmed that law school was the right next step for me.

Fun Facts

Favorite movie: Christmas Vacation

Favorite vacation spot: Boston, MA (my family and the Red Sox are there!)

One item from your bucket list: Safari in Africa

Hobbies: Traveling, watching TV, running

Your news source: CNN


Most rewarding element of your work: Being able to obtain great results for clients, and having the flexibility to do pro bono work.

If I hadn’t become a lawyer, I would be a… Journalist or teacher

Legal Aid

Legal aid is important to me because… Your salary should not dictate whether you have access to justice.

Most pressing civil legal aid issue in DC: The capacity to support the needs of those without resources is always an issue, but there are so many fantastic lawyers working hard for this population day in and day out in DC. Affordable attorneys for those who can afford to pay something, but not regular law firm fees, are hard to find, and I am encouraged by the opening of the DC Affordable Law Firm.

DCBF Leadership

How long have you served on the Young Lawyers Netowrk Leadership Council?  Two and a half years

Greatest benefit to you in serving on the YLN LC? Learning about and supporting the great work that attorneys in DC are doing.

How long have you donated to DCBF? Two and a half years

I give to DCBF because… The organization has an effect on so many legal services organizations in DC. We hope that you will take a moment to provide us with information to use in future Partner Profiles. CLICK HERE to complete the online survey.


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