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Michanda Myles, Network Project Manager

Michanda will serve as a key liaison to the DC Bar Foundation's networks and help to facilitate resources. She will also drive the growth and development of existing and emerging networks to transform civil legal aid to ensure every resident's fair and equitable legal experience. She is our network connector and builder!

She advocates for justice and is passionate about ensuring equitable and accessible legal services and legal representation for all in need.

Michanda received her B.S. in Public Relations from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University and her Masters in Business Administration from Troy State University, Troy, Alabama (Atlanta Campus).

Raised in Augusta, GA, she lives in Washington, DC, and enjoys the outdoors, cooking, and playing in crafts. In her spare time, she is a triathlete, hosts a podcast, "Tri Beginner's Luck, and is an endurance race announcer.

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