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Matt Wagner, Data Governance and Technology Specialist

Matt Wagner joined the DC Bar Foundation as the Data Governance and Technology Specialist. In this role, he will help DCBF cultivate a data-driven culture while empowering people to make efficient use of technology. Matt will work across the departments to collaborate on data management, analysis, and governance.

“My goal as a leader is to empower people to make the best use of technology so organizations like DCBF can focus on making their impact. I am excited about this opportunity as I approach data and technology use like a puzzle. There are pieces that are technical, and others are people. I hope to get all the puzzle pieces to work together. Of course, the true fun is when the pieces need changing.”

Matt joined DCBF in May 2024. Prior to DCBF, Matt worked with several nonprofits as their

database administrator and managed several database migrations. He is passionate about social justice, education, and providing access to needed services. Outside of his professional life, Matt enjoys spending time with his friends and family while pursuing equally nerdy personal interests (board games, books, and video games).

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