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Khesia Taylor, Senior Communications Officer

Khesia is responsible for communicating DC Bar Foundation’s mission, vision, values, and programmatic activities. In her work, she helps to formulate the Foundation’s strategic communications direction, develop a comprehensive content strategy, and bolster relationships and storytelling support to grantee organizations. With 15 years of experience in communications and magazine publishing, she seeks new ways to grow DCBF’s communications platforms and connect with its stakeholders. Previously, Khesia served as the director of content strategy at an association focused on fundraising. Prior to that, she held various editorial and communications roles in the higher education and nonprofit sectors.

She believes that access to legal services and legal representation should be given to all, regardless of financial circumstances.

Khesia joined DCBF in April 2022. She holds a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science from Towson University and a certificate in digital marketing from Yale University.

Khesia enjoys reading, traveling, and binge-watching YA (young adult) TV shows and movies.


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