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Financial assistance for elderly District residents in need.

The DC Bar Foundation is proud to fund legal services organizations that provide critical support for our neighbors needing civil legal aid. We invite you to read a client story shared with us by DC Bar Foundation grantee, Legal Counsel for the Elderly:

"Since 1975, Legal Counsel for the Elderly (LCE) has championed the dignity and rights of Washington, DC elders by providing free legal and social work services to those in need. Our work addresses the most important aspects of an older adult's life, including housing, economic security, self-determination, and health & safety. We impact the lives of nearly 10,000 people annually while advocating for city-wide reforms in laws, regulations, and long-term care facilities.

In 2022 alone, LCE addressed nearly 6,000 legal matters and obtained more than $22.1 million in monetary benefits and legal victories for our clients. That's more than $400,000 every week. One person who benefited from our services was Timothy Jones.

Mr. Jones has lived in his Columbia Heights home since 2011. He is a leader in his community – as a former ANC Commissioner and as a resource for his neighbors. Mr. Jones loaned a large sum of money to a friend of more than 60 years – but the friend did not repay him as promised. When property taxes and insurance payments were due, Mr. Jones did not have enough money to cover the expenses. Suddenly, he was facing foreclosure. To make matters worse, he suffered several injuries – including falling off a ladder and being hit by a car – which forced him to stop working. By 2020, Mr. Jones was relying solely on $233 per month from Social Security, and the bills began to mount.

Then he turned to LCE. With our help, Mr. Jones obtained $14,000 from DC's ReMIT program to pay home insurance and taxes and avoid foreclosure. He also found a tenant to provide additional monthly income. With his debt extinguished, Mr. Jones can pay his bills, hold onto his home, and remain in the community that has come to count on him. He now serves on LCE's Community Advisory Council, which is comprised of former clients who provide input and feedback about how to increase the efficacy of our work and enhance our services.

Legal Counsel for the Elderly relies on support from the legal community to make this work possible. This includes pro bono service and financial contributions from the DC Bar Foundation, law firms, and legal professionals. To engage with our work, please visit"

To learn more about how the DC Bar Foundation supports the District's civil legal aid network, visit our website.

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