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DC Fair Housing Month: A Client’s Story

Imagine being forced to live on the streets because you cannot secure subsidized housing due to a prior conviction. At nearly 70 years old, Mr. A applied for subsidized housing at three separate properties and was rejected each time. Properties rejected his application because of a seven-year-old, non-violent, non-drug related misdemeanor conviction and a later-overturned 1991 conviction. Because he could not afford housing without a subsidy, Mr. A became homeless.

A DCBF grantee is now leading the effort to address DC’s criminal history policies for subsidized housing. Through this effort, the grantee and Mr. A hope that this case will set a precedent so that all DC residents will have access to fair, safe, and affordable housing.

​Click here to learn more about the important work of DCBF’s grantees.


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