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COVID-19 Response Grants Spotlight: Direct Impact Where It’s Needed Most

Our COVID-19 response grants will help DC’s legal aid organizations navigate hardships incurred from COVID-19 so they can provide uninterrupted life-saving legal support to our DC neighbors in need. Below, we highlight three recipients of our COVID-19 grants. Read on to learn about the work they are doing to support clients through the crisis, and how our funding helps:

The Safe Sisters Circle: The Safe Sisters Circle (SSC) is focusing on the impact COVID-19 has on Black women and their children with low incomes living in Wards 7 and 8 who are also survivors of domestic violence. Our funds will support SSC's legal assistance in creating safety plans, custody issues, and emergency motions so survivors can keep their children during the crisis. SSC is also developing a webinar for Black women about their custodial rights and how to keep their children safe.

School Justice Project: School Justice Project (SJP) focuses on a very vulnerable population and their need for help accessing public benefits – youth involved with the juvenile justice system who are also more likely to be homeless or housing insecure. SJP has increased their work in seeking early release and increased testing for their clients while they are in the system. SJP also advocates for improved sanitary conditions. SJP will use our funds to ensure that their clients can access their legal assistance by telephone and have support to access public benefits.

The Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless: The Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless (WLCH) is focused on issues impacting highly vulnerable populations – residents experiencing homelessness or living in shelters. Coronavirus cases are 2.5 times higher with people who are unhoused. During this time, WLCH has worked to help families unlawfully denied shelter to be appropriately placed. Our funding will help clients experiencing homelessness more easily access WLCH's legal assistance through its website, video conferencing, and telephone services.


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