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Coordinated Intake and Referral (CIR) Updates.

Evaluation – Focus Groups

We continue to prioritize evaluation and community input as we build the Coordinated Intake and Referral (CIR) system. Thus, NPC Research will begin its next round of focus groups in April.

This evaluation round will include focus groups with the following stakeholders: 1) Existing intake and referral networks among legal services providers, 2) Legal services intake specialists, and 3) Clients and community members. Each group will be represented in the following capacity:

  1. Existing Intake and Referral Networks: Working with existing networks (the Landlord Tenant Legal Assistance Network, the Family Law Assistance Network, the Victim Legal Network of DC, and the Office of Administrative Hearings Legal Action Network), each network will send two members to participate in the focus group. The goal is to learn about each network’s existing practices to help inform CIR’s approach, decision-making, and to learn best practices.  

  2. Legal Services Intake Specialists: This group will include intake staff from a diverse array of organizations to learn how best to align the CIR System with existing intake practices.

  3. Clients and Community Members: NPC will conduct another series of focus groups with clients to get their feedback on the proposed CIR approach. Recruiting participants for these groups will require help from organizational partners.

All of these focus groups will take place throughout spring 2023.

CIR Chat

Save the date for the next CIR Chat. Join us on Wednesday, March 15, from 2:30–3:00 PM to discuss Coordinated Intake and Referral and the topic will focus on intake workers. Every third Wednesday we will deep dive on a different aspect of CIR. In January, we had a general Q&A. This month we talked about client outreach. You can add to the jamboard from our discussion here. We’d love to hear from more stakeholders about how the CIR System can leverage and tap into the outreach strategies that have been successful for you. On April 19, we will focus on navigator training. Feel free to suggest topics for future chats in Slack or by emailing


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