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Briauna Rushin, Operations Assistant

Briauna helps support the work of the Foundation through her role as Operations Assistant. She works with the Senior Finance and Operations Officer as well as the Chief of Staff to aid the internal administrative functions of the Foundation. She finds it most fulfilling knowing that she's making a difference, even if it's in the smallest way by helping her colleagues. Briauna greatly believes in the DC Bar Foundation's premise of ensuring that everyone, even our most vulnerable populations, has fair and equitable access to justice.

Briauna started at DCBF as an intern in August 2023 before transitioning in December 2023 after receiving her BA in Political Science with a minor in Criminology from Hofstra University. She has a strong sense of social justice and infuses it into her everyday life.

Briauna enjoys new experiences and considers herself a lifelong learner. 

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