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The DC Bar Foundation uses an online application and grants management system to manage all applications, reporting requirements, payments, and general records. 


  • The online application and grants management system is located  here:

  • The system is compatible with all internet browsers and mobile-friendly.

  • To create an account, click “Register Here” on the login page of the main grantee portal and follow the instructions.

  • To access an existing account, log in.

  • If you forget your password, please click “Forgot Password?” on the login page of the main grantee portal and follow the instructions. If you are still having trouble, e-mail us at


  • To start an application, you will need to log into the grants management system. On your dashboard, on the left-hand side, you will see “Funding Opportunities.” Click on this list to take you to the available applications.

  • After selecting a funding opportunity, Click on “Apply Now.” Before beginning an application, you must click “Save Draft.” This will register your application within the system.

  • To access an application you have begun or submitted, log in with the same username and password used to start or submit the application via the main portal: On the dashboard, under “My Applications,” you will have the opportunity to view which applications are “In Progress” or have been“ Submitted.”

  • If you’re applying for multiple grants, you can submit multiple applications for your organization under the same account or different accounts.

    • You can view all the applications that have been submitted under your organization when you visit the Organization’s Profile (on the left-hand side, click on “Grants”).

  • When completing the application:

    • Questions marked with a red asterisk are required. You will not be able to submit the application if the required fields are left blank.

    • To save your application but not exit it, press “Save Draft” at the bottom of any page.

    • To save and exit your application, press “Save Draft” at the bottom of any page. If you want a copy of what you have completed in the application so far, click on “Application Summary.”

    • You do not need to complete the tabs in order.

    • You will be able to review your application before submission.

    • After reviewing, make sure to hit “Submit.”

    • If you want to submit subsequent applications, click on the DCBF logo on the top left of your screen.

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