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Thank You for Your Support: Gwen Green

At the DC Bar Foundation, we are fortunate to have a critical network of donors who support our mission of access to justice. This month, we are featuring Gwen Green, Of Counsel with Holland & Hart LLP. In addition to being a consistent donor to the DC Bar Foundation, Gwen is an important Foundation volunteer, who helps to solicit law firms for our Call to Action campaign. Gwen also serves on the Foundation’s Development Committee, and is a dedicated member of our Young Lawyers Network Leadership Council.

Why do you give to the DC Bar Foundation?

I give to the DC Bar Foundation because it is important to ensure everyone has an equal right to justice. A person’s income shouldn’t obstruct his or her access to the legal system.

You currently serve as a member of DCBF’s Young Lawyers Network Leadership Council and as a Volunteer Solicitor for the Call to Action campaign. How has being involved with the Foundation impacted you?

My work with the DC Bar Foundation has allowed me to learn about the great work of the Foundation’s grantees and to do my part to help these legal aid organizations to continue their great work in the DC community.

How does the Foundation’s work align with your own beliefs and values?

I think it is incredibly important to pay it forward. The DC Bar Foundation not only represents the spirit of paying it forward, through its work, it gives a voice to DC residents in need of legal assistance.

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