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Support Through Coordinated Intake

One year has passed since the COVID-19 pandemic hit the District, and many of our neighbors in need of legal aid are facing the same challenges that first struck them in March of 2020.

Many of these challenges – including threat of eviction and unemployment challenges – can all be addressed by legal aid, but these services are not always easy to navigate. There are over fifty legal services providers in the District, so determining where to start or who to call for help can be an overwhelming first step for someone with an urgent need.

Currently, the DC Bar Foundation is collaborating with others to launch what we hope will be the first District-wide Coordinated Intake and Referral Program for all areas of civil legal aid. While we don’t know exactly what it will look like, our current thinking is that this will involve a single phone number that people can call to get legal help and a website where people can apply online for legal help too. This is an unprecedented advance in creating access to justice for all. It will significantly ease the burden for those seeking legal services who may have previously felt overwhelmed by the system.

Would you like to help make projects like Coordinated Intake possible? Visit our website to learn more about how to get involved in this effort.

Our work is not possible without your support and engagement.


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