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Private Grantee Spotlight: University Legal Services

The DC Bar Foundation (DCBF) values its longstanding relationships with lesser known organizations that focus on sometimes forgotten segments of the DC community. For many years, DCBF and its donors, through our private grant program, have supported the work of a part-time lawyer at University Legal Services (ULS). This lawyer provides legal services to DC residents who are confined at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital, a mental illness hospital in Southeast DC.  These unrestricted funds give ULS the flexibility to provide high-quality legal services for their unique client population.

ULS has a holistic and compassionate approach with all of their services. Their lawyer is also a nurse, and visits clients who are institutionalized across DC to make sure they are receiving suitable medical care. This small yet effective team also coordinates pro bono services at ULS, leveraging resources and expanding access to justice by recruiting and training volunteer attorneys to take cases for those who are institutionalized.

Learn more about our private grantees here.


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