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Join the Young Lawyers Network Leadership Council!

There is less than one week left to submit your applications to join the DC Bar Foundation’s Young Lawyers Network Leadership Council (YLN LC)!

YLN LC Members serve as ambassadors who promote the Foundation’s mission of furthering access to justice in DC by engaging in regular meetings, grantee site visits, and networking dinners with members of our Board of Directors. Our members are key partners in raising funds to support the work of DC legal aid providers by planning events like Lip Sync for Justice, which will be taking place virtually this Fall (more information to come). When you join the YLN LC, you make a direct impact on the lives of people living in poverty and in vulnerable situations, or who are otherwise under served in the District of Columbia.

Joining the YLN LC presents a unique opportunity to get involved with DC’s legal aid network by getting a birds-eye view of the needs at hand, and how the DC Bar Foundation works to address them.

We are now accepting applications for two-year terms beginning October 2020 and expiring September 2022. Application materials are available on our website. Please submit application materials to Greer Richey, Development and Communications Assistant, at by Monday, August 3 at 5 PM.


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