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Civil Legal Aid Makes Advocating for Loved Ones Possible

The DC Bar Foundation is proud to support legal aid organizations across the District that provide critical services to their clients in need. Christian Legal Aid of DC (CLADC) is a nonprofit, non-partisan Christian legal services organization that seeks to bridge the gap between the untapped resources of the legal community and the need for legal aid in the District.

CLADC hosts recurring legal aid clinics on two Saturday mornings and one Friday morning each month at sites across DC to serve the city's financially disenfranchised and unhoused communities. These clinics cover many legal issues, including expungement, elder law, landlord-tenant law, probate, and social security/disability. CLADC also hosts Community Legal Education Workshops designed to give an overview of legal issues and hopefully answer many of their participants' questions.

Their services have been invaluable to their clients, especially during the pandemic. Read on to learn about how CLADC helped Ms. K advocate for her mother throughout her medical journey.

Ms. K's mother is in the early stages of Alzheimer's and on an extremely limited income. Due to COVID restrictions, Ms. K could not accompany her mother to her many medical appointments and ask questions to ensure she got the care she needed.

As an only child, it was already becoming difficult to care for her mother, and Ms. K kept running into barriers. Then, she went to CLADC for help. With the legal assistance to create a Power of Attorney, Ms. K and her mother can work together and plan for future challenges. Most importantly, with this Power of Attorney, Ms. K can now accompany her mother to all her medical appointments and advocate for her health and wellbeing as her Alzheimer's progresses. Without CLADC's legal services, Ms. K would have continued to face challenges supporting her mother's medical needs.

Please visit our website to learn more about the DC Bar Foundation's grantees and how the Foundation's funding supports their work.


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